LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Arctic Batman vs Mr Freeze Puts Aquaman on Ice!

by Dusty Trice on December 23, 2012


I really wanted to hate the LEGO Super Heroes Arctic Batman vs Mr Freeze set. When I was growing up I used to collect and play with Batman action figures. There were a quite a few Batman movies during my childhood so I also owned many variations of the Batman action figure. When a Batman action figure product line was about to go away and be replaced with a new product line, inevitably the time would come for an Arctic Batman action figure. Batman would always be wearing some variation of a blue or white costume and I truly hated these Arctic Batmen. But I had to have them all, because they were so bad they were good, and that is what Batman means to me.


This is one of those Arctic Batmen and I hate it so much I love it.


I saw this set in online previews and saw the minifigs when they were announced during Comic-Con, but I wasn’t really sure what to make of this set when I saw it in person. But I had to buy it.


A neat little construction, the ice chamber is a base with a lever and two blue transparent solid pieces, similar to the rock pieces I hate so much. Didn’t mind them as much here.


The ice chamber breaks apart to release an ensnared hero or bumbling baddie.


The minifigs are very nicely done. Batman has an arctic white suit, and comes with a couple of batarangs. There is an unbearded floppy-haired Aquaman that comes with a trident. Mr Freeze is exactly as I had pictured and comes with some kind of crazy freeze ray.


Batman and Aquaman have the special two-sided heads with two faces painted on them, so you can add a little variety to your already furiously complicated life.


The Batboat is equipped with two side-mounted disc shooters. I’m usually not a fan of this kind of thing either, but the way the designers pulled this off was really clever. Trust me, the batdisc things come out of there with quite a bit of force and they shouldn’t shake loose too easily during normal use.


As ridiculous as this set is, both visually and in premise, it’s now my favorite Batman LEGO set and that is my second favorite LEGO Batman costume.


The boatbat also has one of the big fire pieces I’ve been looking to get my hands one of those.


You can pick this set up from LEGO or over on Amazon.

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