LEGO Super Heroes Spider-man Spider-Cycle Chase with Spidey, Nick Fury and Venom!

by Dusty Trice on December 17, 2012


I keep finding the new 2013 LEGO sets randomly in stores, weeks before the official street dates. I was really hoping the new Spider-man/Venom/Nick Fury set would turn up and I finally found it at Toys R Us. The $22 price tag was a minor markup that I was willing to pay to get my hands on this set a little early. You can also get this now from Amazon.

The LEGO Super Heroes themes, both DC and Marvel, have been slowly draining my bank account for months. I’ve been really impressed with some and not so impressed with others. When it comes to the licensed themes, I’m only in it for the minifigs. And this set delivers. The funky motorcycle and flying car are also cool.


The Spider-Cycle is pretty neat looking. We’ve seen this sort of tilted-tire construction before, but it never gets old. Spidey also comes with a piece of web, so you can swing him around your head and lose him behind the couch and whatnot.


The main reason to get this set is for Venom. A pretty cool minifig, indeed.


Here’s a pic of the back of this minifig to give you a sense of how it’s all held together. Everything stays in place, but it makes Venom a little top heavy.


Nick Fury comes with a flying car, which uses another variation of the tilted-wheels. I immediately wanted to tear this thing apart and build a ‘Back to the Future’ Delorean. Because everything you need to know to make one is in the design of this car.


Quick look at the front of the minifigs…


Quick look at the back of the minifigs. I love that Nick Fury’s eyepatch string is printed all the way around the minifig head.


I think the appeal of this set is that it’s got a little of everything. Fancy building techniques, minifigs of popular characters and over the top vehicles that can take a fair amount of abuse before they fall apart.


The various Marvel Super Heroes sets seem to fit together visually a little better with each other ¬†than the DC sets. I’m not sure if it’s just that the colors are bolder or that they all seem to be S.H.I.E.L.D. related, but it’s definitely noticeable.


Overall, I really enjoyed building this set and it really lived up to my expectations.


The LEGO Super Heroes Spider-man Spider-Cycle Chase will be available from LEGO in 2013 and you can pick it up over on Amazon.

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