Review: LEGO Holiday Scene Magnet

by Dusty Trice on December 6, 2012

Review: You’re standing in the checkout at the LEGO store or your finger is hovering about to buy something at You see that Santa magnet out of the corner of your eye? It’s only one more thing. But do you really want that? Well, maybe you’ll just Google it real quick and see.

LEGO Holiday Scene Magnet, 853353

I’m here to tell you it’s OK to buy the LEGO Santa Magnet. This stocking stuffer is perfect for the nerd in your life. Or the intern in accounting you got for Secret Santa. Or even you, you nerdy brick-loving fool you!




Minifig: There’s only one minifig and it’s a slightly older LEGO take on Santa. NOT the extra-fancy deluxe model Santa included in the Series 8 Minifigures. Straight to the point, this minifig is a fireman in a Gandalf beard wearing a pirate bandana. But still, a LEGO Santa.


The Parts: The bulk of the set, the tree and present, are made up of smaller bricks. There’s a sack for the Santa minifig, a letter and two magnetic bricks doing the heavy lifting.

This was a nice touch. There is a ‘Happy Holidays!’ sticker on one brick that can be customized. There’s a very specific ‘Merry Christmas’ and several variations in other languages, i.e. ‘Feliz Navidad’.


The Build: The set didn’t take too long to build, but as LEGO sets go, this was a fairly satisfying. Not too difficult and looked cool on a filing cabinet or fridge. The point is, LEGO did a decent job of making a fun, slightly more grown-up Holiday knick-knack that is high enough quality that you can give it to your Secret Santa intern.




Pros: Two magnets, the kind that come with the minifig magnet 3-packs, and they are fairly strong. I really appreciate LEGO attempting to make everyone happy with several options of holiday stickers. The set is stable, stays on the magnets and sticks to a fridge.

Cons: It’s not the cooler looking Santa minifig from Series 8. Come on!



Recommendation: It’s an inexpensive stocking stuffer. Bite the bullet. Plus, it comes with minifig-ready magnets, so worst case scenario you still get 2 minifig display magnets. Magnets!!! MAGNETS!!!!!!

I picked this up for about $10. You can get yours from LEGO or Amazon.

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