Review: LEGO Santa with Sleigh Building Set

by Dusty Trice on December 13, 2012

Review: I’m a sucker for all the holiday LEGO polybags. They make great inexpensive gifts and usually have just enough pieces to satisfy my bricklust. I liked the LEGO Santa with Sleigh Building Set¬†and bought a couple to give as gifts. Also, I kept one. For review purposes.



The Parts: It’s a polybag, mostly full of bricks. There are a couple non-brick pieces, but this is a classic-style LEGO model, right down to the yellow smiley brick.



The Build: This set didn’t take me too long to build. The Santa, sleigh, reindeer and presents are all assembled individually and then pieced together to form the finally model.


Pros: An inexpensive stocking stuffer, classic LEGO style, perfect for younger builders.

Cons: See the brick in the reindeer’s neck? The grey handlebar piece? My only quibble is that they possible could have made that brown. I mean, I don’t run a LEGO factory, but how hard could that have been?




Recommendation: The perfect stocking stuffer for younger builders. Would also make a great secret Santa gift for the office. You can pick up this polybag over at LEGO and on Amazon.

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