Shave Your Head: Practical Advice for Shaving Your Head from a Professional Bald Person

by Dusty Trice on February 7, 2013

Shave Your Head the Dusty Trice Way!

You’ve decided to shave your head. Good for you! Here’s some practical advice before you begin. I’ve been shaving my head almost daily since 2005. I am an expert at shaving my head. The first step to becoming an expert at shaving your head is knowing when NOT to shave your head. Do you have a family picture coming up? Are you drunk or high? Maybe now is not the time to shave your head. Shaving your head isn’t exactly temporary.

Don’t just shave your head with any old razor unless you want the worst razor burn you’ve ever had in your life. Picture how a full-head razor burn is going to feel on flannel sheets. Here’s how to avoid it.


Use a body hair trimmer to trim your hair first. Making your hair shorter helps the razor do it’s job. You can buy a fancy body hair trimmer, but I’ve used a super-cheapo nose hair trimmer before with exactly the same results. Make it work for your budget, just don’t skip this step.

Before your head is buzzed (or you choose to ignore my previous advice) you will need to consider what kinds of tools you have at your disposal. At a minimum, you will need a razor, shaving cream, a mirror and water. Again, if it works for your budget, you may also want to pick up a styptic pen, face moisturizer, a bronzing lotion, and a fancy new hat.

It is important to select a razor with inexpensive cartridges, because you’re going to need to buy many razor blades in the future. Expect to change the blade about once a week and budget accordingly.

Picking the right shaving cream is also important. You’re going to need more than just an abundance of foam to shave your head. You’re looking for a shaving cream or soap that helps the blade glide over the skin without drying out your scalp. Shaving cream is inexpensive, so try a couple of different kinds and see what works for you.


I found a shaving cream specially designed for head shaving and I loved it. It came in a squeeze bottle, was around $8 and was available only in a limited number of stores. But when I moved to Washington, D.C., this special shaving cream was scarce and I had to make an unexpected change.

Now I shave with a $1 bar of shaving soap and a $10 artificial badger hair brush. I put the bar of shaving soap in an old coffee cup with some water and use the brush to make my own shaving foam. Does it work better? I don’t know. The point is you’ve got to find out what’s going to work for you. It might be an expensive boutique shaving creme or it might be a bar of soap in a filthy Fiesta coffee mug.

I use a mirror so I don’t shave off my eyebrows. I suggest you do the same.

Face moisturizer and self-tanning bronzer lotion are highly recommended if you want to look somewhat normal right after you shave your head. Your hair blocks a fair amount of sun from reaching your scalp, so self-tanning cream will help even out your skin tone until you’re able to go outside.

It’s also important to use moisturizer to keep your scalp from getting too dry. At a bare minimum make sure to use sunscreen when you go outside to prevent sun burn. It is nearly impossible to sleep on a full-head sunburn, so take precautions.

Dusty-Trice-shaving-mirrorYou are going to cut your yourself eventually and a styptic pencil will help stop the bleeding. You’re going to want to make sure you have a couple of these handy for when you travel. Unfamiliar and foreign head shaving conditions have been the cause of some of my bloodiest shaving accidents.

A fancy hat is an excellent way to cover cuts while you wait for them to stop bleeding. The bigger and fancier the hat, the less likely people are to notice the color draining from your face. Also, consider using more bronzer.

After you’ve finished shaving, double check your face in the mirror to make sure you haven’t missed any spots and that you still have 1-2 eyebrows. It’s important to note that if you have one big eyebrow you can split it along the bridge of your nose with your nose hair trimmer. If you only have one eyebrow left and it’s not in the middle of your head, you have shaved your head incorrectly and will need to color your eyebrow back in with a washable marker or ballpoint pen. Eyebrows can take between 2-3 weeks to grow back.

Lastly, consider saving and donating your hair. There are many charities, wig makers and weirdos who would love a bag of hair. You could make a cancer survivor or creepy weirdo hair fetishist very happy with your donation.

I hope these tips help you smoothly transition to the new bald you! Good luck and happy shaving!

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